Status Quo: Scientific spin-offs for sustainability

What do we know about sustainability-oriented spin-offs from science?

Methods: Systematic literature analysis

Sustainability is one of the latest megatrends across all companies. This trend was also recognized by the incubators and transfer centres of non-university research institutions and transferred to sustainability-oriented funding programmes (e.g. Fraunhofer Ventures). However, the contents and strategies of these programs mostly use the knowledge of private start-ups and thus neglect the academic context of the (off) start-up process.

The research project addressed this particular need for non-university research. By means of a systematic literature analysis, 22 scientific studies on sustainability-oriented (out-of-) foundations from science were identified and analysed comparatively. As a result, the current state of research was systematized into four thematic clusters and clearly arranged. This gives transfer agencies easy access to the relevant insights for the design of target group-specific methods.

Based on the insight that the state of research still ignores far-reaching questions, the research project developed a questionnaire for possible follow-up research. In particular, the inclusion of the innovation ecosystem in the sustainability-oriented start-up process offers particular potential for increasing sustainable transfer.

The results of the study will be presented at the New Business Models Conference 2020 on 01. and 02. It was presented in Nijmegen, NL.