Dr Natalia Strobel

Innovation Manager

Natalia is interested in sensitising scientists to an open culture of innovation, and in supporting them in the area of technology transfer, broadly construed. As Innovation Manager at the Center for Entrepreneurship at the TU Berlin, Natalia develops interdisciplinary formats and methods that aim to optimise the transfer of knowledge and technology within the TU Berlin. She develops and tests different format prototypes in collaboration with science, politics and society.

Natalia completed her doctorate in innovation management at the TU Berlin in 2018. Her research focused on obstacles to innovation, and the effects of R&D cooperation partner diversity on the innovation success of companies. She studied economics at the TU Berlin, and medical technology at the TU Taganrog (Russia). As a lecturer at the TU Berlin, she taught Business Model Development, Lean Startup, and supported startup teams in developing business models. _______________________________________________________________________________

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