How do research findings make their way into business and politics? What are the transfer pathways for research to have an impact on society? How can citizens actively participate in research and work with scientists and academics to develop new solutions to urgent problems?
The interdisciplinary research project Transferwissenschaft aims to strengthen the transfer of research findings between the different areas and actors of the German innovation system. To this end, we focus on the following areas:
We explore what good transfer means, and how it can be organised. At the same time, we test teaching and training content and formats at research institutions in order to educate and train the next generation of researchers. Based on our research, we develop new methods and guidelines for transfer strategies and practices of the future. This pamphlet provides a brief overview of our focus areas and our team.



Ready for Transfer
Ready for Transfer – is the student work product of case-based group work from the course Engineering for Impact – Responsible Innovations in the winter semester 2020/21 at the Technische Universität Berlin.


Science and Society: Thies Johannsen talks about ‘Cooperative Education’
Thies Johannsen’s talk ‘Cooperative Education’ addressed the question of how professional qualification and academic training can be integrated in cooperative education programs.


Transferwissenschaft @EU Commission: Sharing Best Practices across Europe

The EU Knowledge Valorisation Platform published our work in progress report on the EU Commission website in December 2021, promoting the exchange of our visionary approach and goal-oriented results within Europe and beyond!


Transferwissenschaft @InnoX 2021

Thies Johannsen and Konstantin Kiprijanov represented Transferwissenschaft at the #InnoX 2021 conference on Friday, 24 September 2021.


Hot off the press…

…and available online for free: Handbuch transdisziplinäre Didaktik features chapters by Thies Johannsen and Konstantin Kiprijanov, and was launched on Friday, 9 Sep 2021. Get your copy for free!


Who are we?

The structure of
our joint research project
and our team at a glance

What do we do?

Our research goal
and our research topics

What do we offer?

Our contribution
to strengthening knowledge
and technology transfer


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