Thies Johannsen

Member of Academic Staff

Thies works at the intersection between Social Sciences, Humanities, and STEM disciplines. In his research, he aims to integrate theoretical and empirical research methods to study transfer practices from an interdisciplinary perspective. He is also responsible for designing different teaching formats, which he does by investigating the training needs in society, economy and politics. In addition, he develops a certificate program to train future professionals, and to strengthen the innovation ecosystem.

Following his undergraduate studies in Law, Social Sciences, and Politics at CAU Kiel, Leuphana University Lüneburg, and Keele University, UK, Thies completed his MA in Philosophy at Technische Universität Berlin with distinction. After graduating, he worked on various research projects. Before joining Transferwissenschaft, Thies worked at Beuth University of Applied Sciences, where he developed and supervised integrated degree programs. _______________________________________________________________________________

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