Re-Conceptualising Knowledge Transfer

Joint research for a new understanding of knowledge and technology transfer

May 2020


We are currently developing a new concept of knowledge and technology transfer based on a systematic survey of scientific literature. In doing so, we create the empirical basis for our applied work, that is, the development and testing of transfer tools, guidelines, and communications as well as teaching and training formats to improve and enhance transfer practice.

The systematic literature review aims at identifying the main characteristics of bidirectional transfer processes. We are currently carrying out a full text analysis of our literature sample. We have already completed key steps of the analysis – defining search strings, screening databases, cleaning the sample, and screening abstracts.

Our methodological approach follows strict scientific criteria and thus ensures that the new understanding of knowledge and technology transfer makes a significant to national and international discourse.


The preliminary results of the study were presented at the Triple Helix Conference 2020 from 15 to 17 June in Tampere (Finland).

Antonia Muschner

Study Lead
Fraunhofer IAO CeRRI