Skills for 21st Century Knowledge Exchange

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Knowledge Exchange Skills Skills for 21st Century Knowledge Exchange March 2021 Summary Based on qualitative social research, this study systematically develops a future-oriented skillset for knowledge exchange and innovation experts working at innovation organizations. Through semi-structured expert interviews with a diverse range of stakeholders, we collect data on the capabilities, knowledge, and competencies [...]

Future of Transfer 2030+

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The Future of Transfer 2030+ Three Speculative Scenarios for the Future of Knowledge and Technology Transfer September 2020 Summary Given the challenges of the present, the need for innovative approaches to solutions in production, organization, and services is greater than ever. Innovations shape the future! Which future is conceivable, which is desirable, which [...]

Status Quo: Scientific Spin-Offs for Sustainability

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Status Quo: Scientific Start-Ups for Sustainability What do we know about sustainability-oriented start-ups from scholarship? March 2020 Overview Sustainability is one of the current megatrends across society. This trend has also been recognized by the incubators and transfer offices of non-university research institutions, and has been translated into sustainability-oriented funding programs (e.g. Fraunhofer [...]

Re-Conceptualising Knowledge Transfer

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Re-Conceptualising Knowledge Transfer Joint research for a new understanding of knowledge and technology transfer May 2020 Overview We are currently developing a new concept of knowledge and technology transfer based on a systematic survey of scientific literature. In doing so, we create the empirical basis for our applied work, that is, the development [...]

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